Professional Master in Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound

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ultrasound master

This postgraduate programme has been developed to provide education and training in Medical Ultrasound that will enable you to apply scientific, research, professional and technical knowledge to the clinical applications of Medical Ultrasound and if successful, achieve first post competency. This programme will provide grounding theory in this speciality which will allow you to build on the knowledge and clinical experience gained from your professional work, complementing the experiences you already have, allowing you to enhance your professional development and make a greater contribution to the healthcare process.

The main aims of the programme are:-

  • To enhance your professional practice and personal development in medical ultrasound
  • To enhance critical, analytical, professional, research & communication skills and promote the ability to relate these skills to ultrasound clinical practice
  • To prepare you with the skills required to develop your professional roles to advanced and consultant level in the future
  • To prepare you to act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks at a professional level
  • To enable you to develop originality in the application of knowledge to clinical ultrasound practice
  • To promote understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to interpret knowledge in the field of medical ultrasound and develop skills to use the evidence appropriately to inform and enhance practice.

Professional Certificate:

  •  If you are completing the Professional Certificate in Medical Ultrasound you will be able to examine the theories related to at least one clinical area of practice, show evidence of synthesis and apply your knowledge to the area of clinical practice that you are studying. You will have critical insight into problems related to the area of clinical practice and be able to evaluate your practice in relation to changes at local and national level, to provide safe, high quality care. You will also use a range of techniques to undertake your scholarly work.

Postgraduate Diploma:

  •  If you are completing the Professional Diploma in Medical Ultrasound in addition to the above you will explore knowledge related to other areas of clinical practice to broaden your expertise and skills. You will also further develop your ability to evaluate critically current evidence in relation to a range of clinical areas and provide appropriate critiques of knowledge and techniques in relation to high quality patient care and safe ultrasound practice

On successful completion of this programme, you will be expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding:

  •  Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of the biological, emotional, professional, clinical and scientific principles which influence the practice of medical ultrasound
  • Apply relevant knowledge to a range of situations and show a critical understanding of the relationships between these
  • Analyze current issues which are at the forefront of the discipline and evaluate methods which can be used to inform and improve practice


  •  Critically evaluate a range of evidence, techniques and protocols relevant to ultrasound clinical practice and make informed judgements about its quality and appropriateness. Utilize this evidence to develop evidence-based protocols and guidelines
  • Recognise, analyse and solve problems relating to clinical ultrasound practice
  • Synthesize coherently and effectively the knowledge and expertise related to your area of practice
  • Competently perform, interpret and report the appropriate ultrasound clinical and technical procedures within the clinical environment and manage case loads
  • Evaluate your role in the delivery of a quality service, critically reflect on your own learning and identify strategies to develop and improve your competency through continuing personal and professional development and lifelong learning
  • Contribute to practice development, devise and implement protocols and schemes of work based on current evidence
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills and team working skills
  • Effectively use a range of information technology skills
  • Manage your time appropriately, meet deadlines and follow instructions

Values and attitudes:

  •  Demonstrate the necessary professional values appropriate for conduct within clinical ultrasound practice and make sound ethically based decisions, in the best interest of clients from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds
  • Develop a critical understanding of the medico-legal, ethical and professional frameworks and their impact on clinical practice