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ElMudathir Medical Training Center (EMTC) was established year 2006 to provide education and training for health care professionals. The (EMTC) seeks to provide this education and training in a high quality standard for health care professionals with competencies to enhance knowledge and to polish skills of physicians, technicians and the student of medical & health Sciences in various areas of health care and services . Learning is lifelong endeavor. This state-of -the-art facility is targeted to become the premier health care education and management training center in the Sudan.

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The center board of directors believe that it is the right of every medical staff allegedly obtaining adequate training and to specialize in the area which he desires. We believe in right of the citizen to obtain the best level of medical care, and here comes the center.


To cover all kinds of health professional trainings.  To become a leading institution in the preparation and training of medical personnel in all fields of health sciences.


Create new effective, valuable medical training programs with continuity of development.  Preparation of qualified medical specialist in all fields of medical profession according to the theoretical and practical programs designed by professionals and experience which will affect positively on the quality of care provided to beneficiaries in all fields of health services.

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Riaan Logan Student

When i joined EMTC, I've become a better person. I wanted to lear prograaming.. If you are looking for same, join EMTC

Emilee Gale Student

I have taken several courses offered by EMTC. Each course I have taken has helped me develop and been of assistance in my employment.

Greg Lynch Student

Best part of EMTC is making it possible to access for everyone, everywhere all the time! Thank you EMTC

Danyl Hogan Student

This academy definitely holds its name as GREAT. It's an awesome experience, learning contents are great. I really do recommend this academy for learning.