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The main objective is to upgrade the knowledge and polish the skill of medical staff in different branches of medical sciences through local and international faculty.


The center aims to train physicians and health professionals with health modern technologies and their connections to new academic changes to the profession by offering short courses CME collaboration with major universities and international institutions.


1. To develop the skills and capabilities of health workers and upgrade scientific and professional periodically, to cope with the rapid advances in medical science. 2. To rehabilitate national cadres and configured to work in the sectors of health the governmental and private sectors. 3. To work for raising the efficiency of the profession locally. 4. To provide an ideal atmosphere to the trainees for their updated knowledge and links with international standards. 5. To maintain quality control of the trainees and devices. 6. To meet the needs of the growing sectors of health care, so as to meet the demands of population growth in the SUDAN and therefore growth of the health sectors.