Professional Diploma in Family Medicine

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The program

This program qualifies the student with the credit hours system to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable him to provide comprehensive and continuous primary health care in the family and community medicine system through the following capabilities:

  1. The ability to diagnose and treat common, acute and emergency diseases, early diagnosis and appropriate referral of serious cases
  2. The ability to plan, implement and evaluate preventive’s programs and programs and activities for the development of individual, family and community health
  3. The skill of health management, so that the student can lead the health team and fully cooperate with other sectors, make good use of the available capabilities, and master the process of health registration and statistics
  4. The ability to think critically and continuously learn


Program Goals

  1. Meeting the local, regional and global need for health manpower necessary for health reform programs, which require the qualifying of large numbers of physicians in the specialty of family medicine to work in family medicine centers and units and the comprehensive health insurance system based on the family medicine system in accordance with the directives of the Presidency of the Republic.
  2. The center’s contribution to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of health systems that rely on primary health care and the family medicine system by training and qualifying the health personnel necessary for that.
  3. The optimal use of the available and accumulated expertise in the specialty of family medicine to meet a national and international need for training and education in this field.
  4. Developing medical education in the specialty of family medicine in accordance with international standards, to qualify for accreditation
  5. Providing medical education for a larger number of physicians to specialize in the field of family medicine through the establishment of a new system for teaching this specialty.
  6. Expanding the medical practice base based on the foundations of quality, critical thinking, scientific evidence, and teamwork through the medical team.

 Graduating and obtaining a professional Certificate

To obtain a professional Diploma’s Certificate in family medicine, the trainee must have completed 30 units in studying courses.